• Your Professional Vacation Rental Manager

    Redefination of Vacation Rentals

  • FUNKEY Group:
    Properties ranging over 8 Cities.
    Manage 1000+ Listings.
    Operate on 10 Platforms.
    Aim to 50% Income Up.
  • The Mission We Pursue
    To provide fun and easiness for everyone on journey

7*24 Hours.

Provide incesstant online customer service.
Response to multiple languages.
English, Japanese, Chinese, etc.

Cleaning, Linens & Essentials.

Provide top-class cleaning service.
Prepare clean linens and refill essentials.
Offer on-spot case-solving service.

Interior Design & Photography.

A team of lisenced interior designers.
Rooms will be decorated per your will.
Professional photographers at your service.

Greet Your Guests & Reviews.

A detailed guidebook is provided at the beginning of reservation.
Warm greetings are sent whilst staying.
Five-star review is what we target for.

Dynamic Pricing Tools.

Real time artificial intelligence in computing the best price for your listings.
Machine learning and booking behavior analyzing.
Access to competitor data.

Visualize your calendar and payout.

A smart portal exhibiting your calendars and payout on PC and mobile devices.
Access to your account at anytime.
Professional advice on boosting performance.

The News

New family member

Welcome the new staffs #Test and #Demo become members of Funkey(ps:‘demo’ and ‘test’ are names of cats in our office ^_^)

21CN report for FUNKEY

The house can't rent out and Clever entrepreneur.

Best host service in Japan

No.1 short rental service in Japan, with a fast growing speed, FUNKEY has become the biggest host service company,and offering great value to the hosts.

Internalional bnb meeting 2017

Funkey has been invited to the international bnb meeting in Shanghai and have a speech about how bnb work in Japan.

The trader behind the Bnb

How this Chinese team become one of the most fastest growing team in Japan and defeats his local competitors.

The Services


FUNKEY hopes to use Internet technology and big data technology to improve the sharing tourism economy, to create a more efficient and high quality shared economic ecology. Joining FUNKEY, you will be able to become part of an important company in the shared tourism field in the future, working with interesting people and open a more fun ara for tourism

We are hiring below jobs, send the email to us, hr@funkey.asia.

  • Big data scientist
  • Senior Developers(python,php).
  • Interior bnb designer
  • Online customer service(English,Japanese,Chinese)

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